About This Site:

“Once upon a time, there was old media. It was reported, edited, top-edited, copy-edited, and fact-checked. It was good. And there was new media. It was fast, hungry, loosely edited, quick to fix the mistakes it often made. It was good enough.” – Bob Cohn, The Atlantic, 2013.

Emerging Vintage is a blog site dedicated to discussions about the rapidly changing digital media and communications landscape. Almost as quickly as new media and trends emerge, their uniqueness, their rise to the top, is tested by better, faster, hungrier media, and the rules are re-written daily. They are new, but also emerging “vintage” – old before their prime. This blog will cover emerging media topics in such categories as digital and marketing communications, public relations, social media, technology, advertising and more.

About the Writer:

Kati BurnsK.L. Burns (Kati LeAnn) is a full-time graduate student at West Virginia University in the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program. This blog is part of the fulfillments for IMC 619 – a class on Emerging Media and the Market.

K.L. Burns has a background in journalism, higher education and social media management. She currently works as a Communications Specialist in Birmingham, Alabama.


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